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DecodeX is a creative & business-focused Custom Web Development service provider in Surat, helping and scaling small & large-scale businesses for over nine years. We build, design & deliver custom web applications quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality, security, or performance. We apply the most effective & result-oriented methodologies and practices for Web Development Services to deliver high-quality, highly maintainable software that drives business results.

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Our Web Development Services


Front-end Web Development

We build an advanced front end with a modern framework using flagship frameworks and expertise to create pixel-perfect futuristic designs for top-notch user experiences.


Backend Web Development

We Build custom, secured, reliable, easy-to-use backends and APIs for custom web applications globally according to business needs across multiple domains.


UI & UX Design

As a leading UI/UX development expert, we simplify complex user interfaces simple that Combine functionality with an intuitive design and experience for a better user experience.


Ecommerce Development

By building technically impeccable user-driven eCommerce solutions, we help eCommerce companies grow revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and improve customer experience.


CMS Development

As a CMS platform service provider, we develop high-performing platforms that manage data, such as the organization's information, content, and assets.


Maintenance and Support

Our support team works diligently to provide regular product updates and monitor and fix issues, ensuring your solution continues to operate correctly.


Web Portal Development

From web portals design & development advance to consulting, we create unified digital experiences with our complete multi-functional portal development services.


API Development and Integration

REST, SOAP, XML, and RPC are all supported by DecodeX, a custom API solution. We are experts at developing APIs for various APIs, including Voice, Video, Payment, Cloud, and Accounting.

Our Web App Development Process


Requirement Analysis

Process of getting to know the expectation of clients & users.


Ongoing stage of the process to make a user-friendly User Interface.



This stage consists of "Information gathering," "Structure," "Design," "Build," "Technologies," and "Testing."

Content Creation

It's time to write your website's content after completing the development process.


App Testing & Execution

Checking all aspects of a product before it's made live & accessible to the general public.

Support & Maintenance

We fix potential errors, enhance current features, and update functionalities during this stage.


Why Web Applications Development?


Branding & Publicity

Web apps make the branding process effective. Promoting their products and services allows businesses to reach potential customers.


Ease in Expansion

Web application expansion is effortless. Updating web apps is very easy as only the server needs to be upgraded.

Easy to Maintain

Regular desktop updates are no longer necessary with web-based software applications. Users' devices can be efficiently updated and maintained when updates are performed directly on the server.

Cross-platform Capabilities

Instead of traditional software applications developed for specific operating systems, web applications can be accessed from different operating systems, such as Mac and Windows.

Cost-effective and Maintenance

The cost of maintaining and updating web applications is lower than desktop applications, which are easier to update. Their cloud-based nature requires fewer hardware resources and results from cloud hosting.

Safe & Secure

There are many security advantages to web applications over traditional desktop or mobile applications, which makes them very popular among users. Computers or mobile devices do not require downloading and installing web apps.


Hard Skills

  • Measurable
  • Easily defined
  • Specific


Bookkeeping, analytics, and inventory control


Soft Skills

  • Hard to measure
  • Difficult to define
  • Universal


Creativity, collaboration, and adaptability

Testimonials What They Say About Us
Chirag Javiya

Chirag Javiya

Thrive is an excellent company to work with. I use them for more than building a website. It’s almost as if they are employees. Thrive is a company you can trust. They handle PHP programming, web design, web hosting and search engine optimization.

Devid Ross

Devid Ross

Kee Service was very impressed with all aspects of our updated website. We would highly recommend Thrive to anyone looking to build their first website.

Roshan Doda

Roshan Doda

The guys did a fantastic job creating an updated website for IGL Films. They were friendly and nothing was too hard. Fantastic service. We would highly recommend and continue to work with them.

Milap Hansolti

Milap Hansolti

My usual experience was very helpful, nothing was too much trouble, and the end result turned out as I hoped. Good price point, you pay for what you get and Fluid are value for money.


What Are the Steps for Hiring Dedicated Web Application Developers?

First, our sales representative discusses and determines your needs, such as customized software or a website. Quickly build a team with our shortlist of candidates. We will send you a copy of the shortlisted resumes to complete the final selection process. You can choose additional options if you aren't satisfied with the resumes. Our web design and development team will connect with you after you give us your final confirmation and review the terms of service.

What Are the Benefits of Enterprise Web App Development?

It can reduce business operational costs through enterprise web app development while improving operational efficiency, customer engagement, streamlining workflows, and increasing productivity. Customers' behaviour and business performance can also be analyzed using these applications.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Web Application?

Having developed web applications for thousands of clients, we have experienced development times that range from hundreds to thousands of hours. Several factors affect how long it takes to develop an app. These factors include its complexity, features, whether it requires 3rd-party integrations, and whether feature requests suddenly change.

What is Enterprise Web App Development?

A web app developed specifically for large-scale businesses is called an enterprise web app. The applications are scalable, secure, and robust and use the latest web technologies.

What Kind of Enterprise Web Apps Can Decodex Develop?

We develop enterprise web applications: web portals, eCommerce solutions, B2B and B2C applications, ERP and CRM applications, payment applications, billing and reporting systems, etc. Our customized web solutions meet each business's needs.