CodeIgniter Training in Surat

CodeIgniter is an open-source software development framework for building dynamic websites using the PHP language. Decodex's offline CodeIgniter Training in Surat will make you aware of the concepts of MVC (Model, View, Control), Classes, Database Access, and Sessions. A clear and competent set of content will help you learn how to create websites with PHP in this course.


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Best CodeIgniter Training Course in Surat Curriculum

  • How does oops programming work?
  • In PHP, what is a class?
  • Class declaration.
  • The creation of a Class object
  • Public, protected, and private PHP access specifiers
  • Assertion of inheritance
  • An encapsulated system
  • A polymorphic system
  • An abstract class
  • The final class in OOPs
  • The constructor in PHP 4
  • PHP5 Constructors and Destructors
  • PHP Scope Resolution Operator (::)
  • In OOPs, the parent keyword is used
  • In OOPS, the self keyword can be used
  • In OOPs, this is a keyword
  • Constants for classes
  • Streamlining the developer's life
  • The model
  • The views
  • Libraries and helpers
  • Let's start with the model
  • Controller creation
  • Creating the View
  • Controller Modification
  • View Modification
  • Files/Folders in the system
  • The application/system folder
  • autoload.php
  • routes.php
  • config.php
  • database.php
  • Library for Databases
  • Library for Session
  • The form helper
  • The URL helper
  • Tables and models in the database
  • Managing controllers
  • Views
  • Organizing controllers using folders
  • Making the login process work
  • Admin panel home page creation
  • Categorization Export Function
  • Exporting products
  • Import CSV Library for Products
  • Data Table Creation
  • Model Creation
  • Admin/Pages Controller Creation
  • Creation of the Administrative Views
  • Choosing and Integrating a WYSIWYG
  • Editor
  • Wellcome controller updating
  • Creating the database table and mode
  • From creation
  • Administrative screen creation
  • Subscribe() function creation
  • User input filtering
  • Sessions encryption
  • Additional security add-ons

CodeIgniter & PHP Offline Training Course Certification

In our Top CodeIgniter Training Institutes in Surat, we have instructors who are highly knowledgeable and have experience in the field that translates into a higher level of learning. All the key concepts of CodeIgniter are covered in this offline course. Our support team is available during and after the course to answer all your questions or queries. You can ask any doubts you have about the course to our team of experts. In addition, you will be able to review specific concepts at your own pace since you will have access to the entire course material.

During this CodeIgniter Training in Surat, you will gain real-world experience by working on a variety of industry-based exercises and projects. Several mock interviews will be conducted as part of our efforts to make you job-ready. You will also receive a certificate from DecodeX that is highly valued among top multinational companies once you complete all the project and assignment tasks. Sign up for our offline CodeIgniter PHP Course in Surat now and get a head start on your career!


Top Codeigniter Training Institutes in Surat Reviews

Sagar Rathod

Excellent CodeIgniter offline training. Instructions are clear and concise. The tutors are very understanding and helpful during the whole course, making it easy to follow along. Nothing is missing in this course. Highly recommended.

Vivek Kakadiya

I have never seen a better course! An explanation of all the important themes of CodeIgniter with clear pronunciation, descriptions, and full, clear explanations. This is fantastic!

Bhavika Patel

My favourite parts of the lesson are the details, the short sessions, and how basic concepts are explained before moving on to more advanced ones. I couldn't find a better course after completing this one. I received prompt responses to all my questions from the instructor. I am amazed at the amount of information offered, with explanations for each section, as well as the ability to download and view the codes to help me find any mistakes.

Ashok Jariwala

I followed along, and all the code worked as expected, as the concepts were clearly explained. I emailed the instructor one time when I made a mistake in my code, and he responded quickly with the corrections I needed. Moreover, I liked the short length of each lesson.



Work on Live Projects?

  • Real-Time Implementation has been the focus of the entire CodeIgniter training.
  • The program provides you with hands-on experience working on real industry projects, hackathons and lab sessions that will help you build a portfolio of projects.

Is DecodeX Certification Good?

  • DecodeX Gives Certificate For Completing A CodeIgniter Training Course.
  • All major global companies accredit certification

Does DecodeX Provide Placement?

  • In terms of student placement, DecodeX is good.
  • Over 100+ top companies have entrusted us with their business.
  • In the past year, more than 500 students have been placed in India.
  • To prepare students for an interview situation that may be challenging, DecodeX conducts development sessions, including mock interviews and presentations.

What is the Fee for a Full PHP Course in Surat?

How much does a PHP Course in Surat cost on average? Answer: Yes. Depending on the provider, the PHP Course in Surat fee will vary. Fees range from INR 5,000 to INR 11,187 on average.

How Long is the PHP Course in Surat?

According to experts, learning PHP on your own takes three to six months. Beginners can easily learn PHP because of its logical syntax. Learning MySQL takes between six and seven months.

What is PHP Training?

With PHP, web developers are able to create dynamic, database-interactive content on the web. Web applications are mainly developed using PHP. This tutorial helps you to build your base with PHP.

Is There Scope for PHP?

In general, with 77.6% of websites that have a server-side programming language, PHP is used by around 52.7% of websites running the latest version, 7. Consequently, PHP has a great deal of potential for beginners who are interested in web and application development in 2023 and the years to come.

Is PHP Easy for Beginners?

You can learn PHP easily. Due to the popularity of this programming language, you can find a lot of resources for learning it, particularly if you're a beginner. While learning to code can be challenging, PHP is easy to learn if you also have an understanding of HTML and CSS.

What is the Qualification for a PHP Course?

PHP Developers do not need formal training to work. A relevant degree and industry experience, however, are preferred by many employers.