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We build a creative. Interactive & professional website design that enhances user experience, increases conversions, And Results You Can Measure.

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Meetup & Consultation

To create a blueprint for development, we take the time to learn about our clients' needs, likes, and dislikes.

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Understanding Product Vision

We start by assessing your needs and wants, then develop several creative design ideas that provide different vibes depending on your desired style.

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Idea Execution

The websites we build engage people on a professional level. To ensure conversions for your business, we incorporate clear paths for users.


SEO-friendly Web Design & Development Services

SEO and online presence are affected by your website design. A site that can be navigated and indexed by search engine robots is essential.

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    Building a Solid Website Architecture is Essential Your website must be easy to navigate during the design phase. The site is then properly digested and indexed by search engines.
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    The Bounce Rate and Speed of the Site When ranking a website, Google considers the user experience of the website. We aim to keep the bounce rates low and ensure the site loads quickly.
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    Writing and Creating Content On your website, you must ensure unique, high-quality content that is easy to read. The design of your website must complement the content of your website.

Web Design Services

We DecodeX, a renowned web development company have grabbed various opportunities to cater to businesses from across the world with our web development services.

We have served multiple industries with our expertise in website development and possess years of expertise in this realm.


Responsive Web Design

Boring web pages are no longer acceptable! Responsive web design provides customers a fluid and flexible experience on all devices. Using our exemplary web design services, we will make this possible.


Ecommerce Website

We provide custom ecommerce website development services. With our expertise, we can handle any business or technology model flawlessly. Our eCommerce solution is quick & stable.


Graphics & Logo Design

With the extensive creative competence of our designers, you won't have to worry about the website's appearance. We create an online presence with exemplary UI/UX & visual design that will identify your brand.



Creating designs that appeal to people and make them feel good is crucial for modern businesses. Utilizing the latest tools and technologies, we design and develop websites using UI/UX best practices.

Our Web Designing Process


Requirement Analysis

Process of getting to know the expectation of clients & users.



Ongoing stage of the process to make a user-friendly User Interface.



This stage consists of "Information gathering," "Structure," "Design," "Build," "Technologies," and "Testing."


Content Creation

It's time to write your website's content after completing the development process. People's attention must be captured with excellent and engaging content.


App Testing & Execution

Checking all aspects of a product before it's made live & accessible to the general public.

Testimonials What They Say About Us

David McDurham

Our website's functionality was drastically increased and our costs were reduced thanks to Thrive's help. There is a lot more functionality on our website than before, and it is extremely easy to update. Our new website has exceeded our expectations! Thrive is really awesome! Thanks to the DecodeX Team for making it possible!

Melissa Montiel

Our newly launched website has been well received! Navigation is very easy and it looks professional. At Thrive, we have had a great experience with customer service. All of our questions are answered promptly and efficiently by them. Additionally, they keep us informed on the status of our site on a monthly basis. Anyone looking for SEO or web design work should consider Thrive!

Keshav Shah

In the past 10 months, we have redesigned our website twice. First and Thrive were not comparable. It would have been easier for me if I had hired Thrive the first time. They are professional, creative, attentive to detail, and excellent communicators. I highly recommend this to small and large businesses who want to transform their business into a digital one.

Priya Mehta

I came to Thrive with a basic “feel” I wanted on a website. They helped flush out the visual layout and content. Thrive's services are a bargain when you compare the cost with the quality of the services you receive. I will use them again in future endeavors. Thanks to Sagar Gopani & the whole DecodeX Team!


How Does a Content + Design Strategy Help Drive Conversions?

Design leads your customers toward your call to action by giving them something to connect with. You will increase conversion rates on your website when the two are aligned.

How Does the Design Make My Content More Effective?

Design complements your content's tone and structure, making it easier for visitors to read and absorb information. Great design also works with range to lead visitors toward your call-to-action.

Will You Maintain My Site for Me?

The flexibility and reliability of a website can be stabilized with regular maintenance. Proper website maintenance would increase traffic and visitors and ensure its security. Maintaining and developing your website is essential for stabilizing growth and keeping your business moving forward.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

For basic information websites with less functionality, it would take about 1 to 4 months if you hire a professional website development company.

Can You Help Me Write Content for My Website?

Of course, we can help you add relevant content to your website. We have a team of content writers & marketers, & copywriters, and we can deliver professional content.

What Happens if My Site Breaks?

There may be problems with the website's hosting, temporary issues, etc. A technical error or a hack may have caused your site to malfunction. The solution is based on analyzing the problem and delivering it.