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Become a Certified UX Designer from DecodeX Infotech Surat. Learn basics & advanced design concepts through offline UI UX Classes and training. The offline program will help you achieve your career goals and prepare you for a fast-growing profession.


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UI UX Design Course in Surat Curriculum

Learn the key deliverables of UX UI Design.

  • UX Design: What is it?
  • UI Design: What is it?
  • Project vs. Product
  • The Product Design Process
  • Evolution of the product
  • Roadmap for the product
  • Designing products
  • We apply the best psychology practices and create a foundation for better user experiences by exploring Ethnicity Behaviour, Psychology Laws in Design, User Behaviour, Emotional Design, Psychology and empathy, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • Our course explores fundamental activities and skills for designing user interfaces, including Usability Testing, Design Thinking, Activity Design, Agile Process, and Competitor Analysis.

This section is based on learning

  • Methods of UX research
  • Design Mapping
  • Architecture of information

As a part of our exploration of different ways of testing interfaces and utilizing them to improve user experiences, we explore:

  • Methods of testing
  • The A/B test
  • Tests of usability
  • Test usability
  • Test Reports
  • We learn the building blocks of UI design: colors, typography, layouts, and more.
  • Here, we explore UI Elements, UI Kit Design, Style Guide Creation, Build Design System, and Advanced Color.
  • This course teaches us how to create engaging experiences by studying the Basics of Prototypes, Build Prototypes, and Smart Animate. Micro Interactions.
  • To create eye-catching interfaces, we use visual elements and typography with the help of custom icon designs, illustrations, UI designs with photos, and color schemes.

The following are some of the different design methodologies and frameworks we explore:

  • Frameworks Understanding
  • Grid System Understanding
  • System of Material Grids
  • System of Bootstrap Grids
  • System of React Grids
  • Responsive Design Making

We apply UX UI Design best practices and create a high-performing design by practising on:

  • The best typography practices
  • Best Practices for User Interface Design
  • Guidelines for prototyping
  • Best Practices for Design Handover
  • Best Color Practices
  • Live Projects
  • Platforms for portfolios
  • Structure of a case study
  • Compilation of Case Studies
  • Presentation of a case study

UI/UX Designing Offline Training Course Certification

To become an expert in user interface design, you must have practical experience and knowledge of the latest technologies. Experts in the industry design our UI/UX Designing Training Course in Surat to ensure it is updated with the latest UI/UX trends. Our course will help you master all the tools to design engaging websites and many other technologies.

In addition, you'll receive a valid UI/UX certification once you finish the UI UX internship in Surat. Our Top UI UX design Training Institutes in Surat are also the perfect place to build a network of UI/UX professionals.


UI/UX Design Training Institute in Surat Reviews

Akash Verma

DecodeX's UI/UX Designing Course was a transformative experience. The instructors' expertise and hands-on approach made learning engaging and effective. The course's comprehensive curriculum and supportive community fostered a collaborative learning environment.

Ghulam Tajamul

Enrolling in DecodeX's UI/UX Designing Course exceeded my expectations. The instructors' passion and dedication, combined with the practical curriculum, provided a well-rounded education in UI/UX design. The course's emphasis on real-world projects and the supportive community created a positive learning atmosphere. I am now equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for successful design projects, making DecodeX's course a top choice for aspiring UI/UX designers.



Which Institute is Best for UI UX Design?

There are two types of training available in the UI UX. First is offline, and second is online. The choice depends on the individual. Furthermore, the offline activity is more reliable compared to online training. If you choose online training, you have many popular options, and for offline, Decodex Infotech is the most suitable option as it provides UI/UX design training Courses in Surat. You can select the best offline institute according to your city for UI UX.

What is the Salary of a UI UX Designer in Surat, Gujarat?

UI/UX Designer Salary in Surat ranges between ₹ 3 Lakhs to ₹ 7 Lakhs with an average annual wage of ₹ 7.8 Lakhs. It depends on your expertise, experience, and skillset.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a UI UX Designer?

The cost of becoming a UI UX designer depends on the location, popularity, and quality of the training institute. The price of becoming a UI UX designer starts from 15k and goes up to 2 lakhs.

Is UX Design a Safe Career?

There are many reasons why UI/UX design is a good career choice for the future: Increasing demand for user-friendly and intuitive digital products due to the increasing use of technology and the Internet; skills required to design them are in high demand.

Does Decodex Infotech Provide a UI UX Design Course With Job Placement in Surat?

Yes, Decodex Infotech provides UI / UX Design Courses in Surat with job placement.

Is UX/UI in Demand?

A seamless and interactive experience must be created with the help of UI/UX designers as the world increasingly relies on technology. UI/UX designers are in greater demand as technology advances. The answer to "Is UI UX in demand?" is "Yes!"

What Are the Skills Needed to Become a UI/UX Designer?

Some basic skills needed to become a UI/UX designer are:
  • UX Research Skill
  • Wireframing and Prototyping Skills
  • UX Writing Skills
  • Visual Communication Skill
  • Interaction design skill
  • Coding skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Information Architecture Skill

Is the UI/UX Design Course a Secure Career Choice?

Most managers said their organization's top priority is hiring more UX/UI designers. 87% said it is their top priority. The UX/UI design market is expected to grow in the coming years, so it is a secure career choice based on forecasts and the growing demand.

Will I Get a Mentor?

Mentors are assigned to each course. The mentors at The UI/UX Design Institute are all highly experienced UI/UX professionals. During those sessions, you will have a mentor to answer questions, review projects, and keep you motivated.