Best Node.JS Training Course in Surat

DecodeX's Node.JS Offline Training in Surat is developed and managed by industry experts and professionals by including the latest skill sets like operations of Express.js, CRUD, NPM (Node package manager) and more. You can get Node.JS developer certification through this offline Node.JS Training Course, which also includes real-time assignments and projects from industry professionals.

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Node.js Training Course Curriculum

  • What exactly is Node.js?
  • Why Node.js?
  • Node.JS Modules
  • Built-in packages of Node.JS
  • Package import
  • NPM (Node Package Manager)
  • Global and local package
  • What is Asynchronous programming in JavaScript?
  • EventLoop in JavaScript
  • Promises
  • Callback Hell
  • Callbacks
  • Async Await
  • Promise Chaining
  • Asynchronous vs Synchronous IO
  • FileSystem Watcher
  • File Operation on Asynchronous
  • File Operation on Synchronous
  • File Constants
  • Know what is Streams in Node.JS
  • Writing and reading streams
  • Event responding
  • Emitting events
  • Understand how to use the EventEmitter class
  • Know what is HTTP
  • How HTTP works?
  • Node HTTP Module
  • Data processing
  • Standard HTTP response code
  • Node HTTP module
  • Back response sending
  • What is ExpressJS?
  • Installation of ExpressJS
  • Middlewares
  • JADE Templating
  • Express Templating
  • Routing in Express
  • Using Express, create a simple HTTPServer
  • Know what MongoDB is
  • Advantages of MongoDB
  • Documents & collection
  • ODM MongoDB
  • Models & Schemas Creating using Mongoose
  • Utilizing MongoDB and Express for CRUD operations
  • Unit testing - what is it?
  • Why unit testing?
  • The framework of unit testing
  • Know what is mocks & stubs?
  • Express writing and running testing
  • What is Rest API?
  • WHY Rest API?
  • XML & JSON
  • Exchange format of data

Node.JS Offline Training Certification

DecodeX's offline Node.js course will assist you in gaining the overall concept of Node. JS. This entire Node.JS offline course in Surat is designed by our industry experts, who have real-time industry and project experience. Our teaching experts have more the eight years of experience and are capable enough to train you from basics. All-in-all, our offline Node.js Internship is properly planned and according to the industry standard.

Moreover, our live projects & hands-on practice experience help you to speed up your learning experience. You will be awarded valuable DecodeX's offline Node.JS course completion certification once you complete this course. In addition to enhancing your job search, this certificate will also enhance your career prospects. You can showcase this certificate to any company employer to secure a high-paying job position.

Our offline training certification programs are recognized in most reputed IT industries. This certification can add extra toppings to your career, which helps to secure your career.


Node.Js Training Institute in Surat Reviews

Yesha Amin

This offline Node.JS course was an eye-opener for me. The mentors were extremely knowledgeable and taught the concept in a very easy manner. With their help, I was able to get new skills quickly. The curriculum was great and covered all the required topics, which helped me to create my first interview.

Varun Salvi

The great decision I made to join this Offline Node.JS Internship in DecodeX. All the tutors were supportive and helped me till the end of the course. They trained me on how to learn new skills faster and apply them in industry projects. Moreover, I enjoyed the whole training session.

Raj Chavala

Through this course, I got my first job. When I joined DecodeX Infotech, I came with zero knowledge of Node.JS, but after completing the course, I can say I can easily say that I know more about Node. JS. Thanks to the experts who helped me throughout the training to understand how to work in Node. JS.



What is the Salary of Node.JS in Surat?

Node.JS developer salaries in Surat differ Based on experience and experience. The basic salary of Node.JS starts from 2.0 Lakhs to 3.0 Lakhs for beginners. From one year of experience to 5 years of experience, the salary range ranges from 2.0 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs annually.

Why Should You Join the DecodeX Infotech?

Learning Node.JS offline at DecodeX Infotech will push your career journey many steps ahead. DecodeX Infotech offers the Best Node.Js Course in Surat with the latest curriculum. Also, We have trained and experienced tutors who are ready to teach how to handle real-time projects. Our 1:1 offline training will help you to grab knowledge from basic to advanced Node.JS.