Best React.JS Training Course in Surat

DecodeX's React.js offline training will help you train and build efficient React.js applications by covering the concepts of React & Redux from basic to advanced. By the end of this course, you will be familiar with how to build and integrate simple design components into more complex ones.

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The Complete React.JS Training Course Curriculum

  • History of Javascript
  • Babel & ES6
  • Literal of template & arrow functions
  • Rest and spread operators
  • Inheritance and Classes
  • Properties & static methods
  • Iterators and Iterables
  • Generators
  • Why React?
  • Versions and History of React
  • Difference between React 15 vs React 16
  • Using create-react-app
  • Debugging first react app
  • Logical operation and expression
  • Working with React.createElement
  • Children and attributes specification
  • Components type
  • Architecture and significance of component
  • Using default props to supply default values to props
  • List of renderings
  • State and its Significance
  • read and set states
  • Data passing to a component via props
  • Using the React key prop
  • Validation props with prototypes
  • Generate elements using the map function on arrays for iteration
  • Synthetic events in React and the event system
  • Argument passing to event handlers
  • Lifecycle component
  • Real-time use-case knowing and lifecycle value
  • Components controlled and uncontrolled
  • The importance of the default Value prop
  • Accessing the DOM element using the React ref prop
  • Router configuration
  • Using single-page applications to understand routing
  • BrowserRouter and HashRouter components
  • Component route configuration for configuring the router
  • Routing rules can be defined using the switch component
  • Making routes dynamic by using route parameters
  • Nested routes: working with them
  • NavLink and Link components for navigation to pages
  • Redirecting the route using the redirect component
  • To get user consent to navigate, use the prompt component
  • The real use of the pathless route for failed match handling
  • Redux: what is it?
  • Why Redux?
  • The principles of Redux
  • Redux installation and setup
  • Actions, reducers, and stores are created
  • Sets, List, and map
  • What is React Redux, and why Redux?
  • Setting and installing the process of React Redux
  • Presentation components vs container components
  • High-order understanding of component
  • Comprehending mapStateToProps usage and mapDispatchtToProps
  • What is the purpose of Redux middleware?
  • Middleware options in Redux
  • Saga of Redux
  • How to set up and install Redux
  • Saga helpers: how to use them
  • Assurances vs tales
  • Importance of unit testing
  • Unit testing tools and Jargon understanding
  • Using enzyme and jest, complete react component unit testing
  • Exception handling in components
  • Boundaries error

React.JS Offline Training Certification

Industry experts and experienced trainers who operate our React.JS training in Surat have 8+ years of experience in the technology and coding field. If you have any queries regarding React, you can contact our support team directly. Additionally, you will have an entire course material that will help you to understand the React.JS course in brief and also will help in future revisions.

In this Complete React.JS Training, we will learn all the latest aspects of React. JS. Also, you will practice on real-time industry projects, which will help you to gain real-time experience. Once you complete or succeed in all the thresholds of our assignments and projects, you will get the React.JS course certificates from DecodeX Infotech that will add. Extreme value in your career path. This certificate is valuable among top MNCs across the globe. So, don't wait. Just sign up and book your slot now. There is a limited number of sets available.


React.Js Training Institute in Surat Reviews

Kushal Kumar

It was an amazing experience learning with DecodeX, the greatest platform for all kinds of learning, and React.JS as well, and it was a pleasure gaining this course experience from DecodeX Infotech.

Ajeet Mode

Awesome Offline React.Js Training Classes in Surat. Now, I can say I have enough knowledge of React.JS, and I can easily clear the interview process.

Karan Rana

Hello, This is Karan, and I have successfully finished my React.JS offline training from DecodeX. My experience was amazing. Expert trainers they have who can teach from basics and also help you to clear the basic to advanced concepts.



Is React Very Difficult?

React is very easy to learn only when your basic programming fundamentals of JavaScript are clear. Whenever you try to learn something new, you will face challenges, but once you clear your fundamentals, it will be super easy to learn.

Is React Easy for Beginners?

Yes. Anyone can start with someone who is super eager to learn something new and who has a programming background. If you are a beginner, it will take one to four weeks to complete a master's in basics. Learning time depends on an individual's learning capacity.

What is the Salary of a React.JS Developer in Surat?

The average salary of a React.JS developer in Surat is between 3.0 lakhs and 6.0 lakhs, and it will differ based on profile, work experience, and skills. If you are an expert in React.JS, you can get a salary between 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs.