Best Laravel Training Course in Surat

Laravel is an open-source and free PHP web application framework designed and developed to build MVC (Model View Control) web applications. DecodeX Infotech provides live project & placement-oriented Laravel training in Surat. Our Laravel Training Course includes basic to advanced level training. Learn to master Laravel from DecodeX Infotech and learn how to build a real CMS Laravel application.

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Laravel Training Course Curriculum

  • Basic introduction of Laravel and MVC
  • Basic understanding of coding languages
  • Understanding tools
  • Laravel installation
  • MySQL understanding and installation
  • Installation of laravel specific versions
  • Upgrade to PHP
  • Mac OS X MySQL installation and use
  • The Node.js installation process
  • Laravel tools snd installation
  • Optional: Using valet in your Laravel projects
  • Laravel installation
  • PHP: What it is and what it is used for
  • XAMPP installation & server introduction
  • Functions for echoing and printing
  • Types of data
  • Constants and variables
  • Arithmetic and assignment operators (introduction)
  • Operation logical
  • Comment types
  • The superglobal variable $_request ['get']
  • Statements with ifs
  • The if...else condition
  • An if-then-else ladder
  • Nesting of ifs and else
  • Cases where switches are used
  • Operator with ternary form
  • while loop
  • for loop
  • nested for loop
  • do … while loop
  • Array Types
  • An array of numbers with indexes
  • An associative array
  • Using a for each loop
  • Arrays with multiple dimensions
  • Functions for arrays
  • Functions for strings
  • Functions for calculating date and time
  • User Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • phpMyAdmin & Database Introduction
  • Creating tables and databases
  • Concept of primary keys
  • The concept of foreign keys
  • Inheritance of Templates Introduction
  • Slots & Components
  • The display of data
  • The control structure
  • Input forms
  • PHP Conversion of HTML Admin Panel
  • Create a dashboard in Laravel
  • Make a table and convert it to Laravel
  • Inserting data into a Laravel database (CRUD operations)
  • Handling passwords
  • The CSRF security model
  • Laravel CRUD Operations (view)
  • Laravel CRUD Operations ( delete)
  • Laravel CRUD Operations (update)
  • Uploading of single files (insert, view)
  • Uploading of single files (delete, update)
  • Uploading of Multiple files (insert)
  • Uploading of Multiple files (view, delete)
  • Uploading of Multiple files (update)
  • Field-based search
  • Field-based pagination
  • Pagination-based search
  • Validation of form requests
  • Inserting/viewing multiple images
  • Delete multiple images
  • Update of multiple images
  • PHP conversion from HTML
  • Dynamize the data
  • Slider for next and previous buttons
  • Posted a comment
  • Session Introduction
  • An easy way to log in and log out.
  • Profile view
  • Profile update
  • Change your password
  • Logging in multiple times
  • JavaScript introduction
  • Describe the type of data
  • Input/output
  • JavaScript events
  • Incrementing and decrementing quantities
  • Using Javascript to validate
  • Validation using jQuery
  • Ajax introduction
  • Crud operation with Ajax and database (data insert)
  • Crud operation with Ajax (update data)
  • Search online in real-time
  • Viewing and deleting data using AJAX
  • Feature for sending emails
  • You've forgotten your password

Laravel Offline Training Certification

The Criteria for Obtaining the Laravel Training Completion Certification Are as Follows.

  • Complete the Laravel Course offline training.
  • There is no limit to how many batches you can attend with the same trainer and complete the Laravel Course training.
  • Completing all exercises, assignments, and capstone projects.

Laravel Training Institute in Surat Reviews

Umar Dubey

In general, I am satisfied with how things are going. I've already completed the Laravel course from DecodeX. Overall, I learned a lot through this offline travel course. I came with Zero knowledge, and now, I have enough knowledge to go and get a decent job at a reputed company.

Hetvi Ramani

This Laravel offline training course helped me get a job at a small startup 6 months ago, and I am now working for a large tech company as a Laravel developer. There was nothing better than it.

Padmini Samuel

This was a very well-explained, thorough course. Some legacy lectures have been replaced with new ones in Laravel 8+, so I'm not sure which lectures to follow. Thank you, Sagar Gopani. I learned a lot.

Riyaz Shaikh

Furthermore, the teaching was excellent, and the information provided was clear and easy to follow.



Why is the PHP Laravel Training Course Relevant?

The annual average salary for Laravel developers is between 3.0 Lakhs to 6.0 Lakhs. Salary will be changed according to states. The salary structure will change as per experience and expertise. Laravel is very popular among developers and organizations because of its ease of use in creating highly responsive applications. Practicals and theory are seamlessly combined in this course, which is taught by experts in Laravel and PHP. This course is designed to prepare you for real-world challenges with hands-on sessions at the end of each module.

What Practical Skill Sets Can I Expect to Have Upon Completion of the Course?

As a result, you will be able to:
  • Installing and configuring Laravel
  • Form creation and validation of user input
  • Database creation
  • APIs and URLs using controllers and routes
  • View display and nested view loading
  • Putting security in place
  • Application deployment of third-party services

What Can I Expect to Accomplish by the End of This Course?

The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a PHP/Laravel developer after completing the PHP Laravel Internship.

Are There Any Restrictions on This Class?

The Laravel Web Development Training is open to everyone, but it would be beneficial for participants to have experience with object-oriented programming and an understanding of PHP at an intermediate to advanced level.

Instructors: Who Are They?

With years of experience in the industry, your instructors are Laravel experts.

How Do You Obtain a Certificate of Course Completion?

A DecodeX course completion certificate will be issued to you once you have completed the Laravel Development Training course.

Can I Take the Laravel Training Course Online/virtually?

No, this Laravel Training Course is available only offline.